Travis Scott — The Perfect Example Of Why We Should Never Judge a Book By It’s Cover!

It’s quite simple really, when you’re already an alum of 30 Under 30 with Forbes, then suddenly Forbes checks back and you’re on track to making $100M. We always ask one of our top business leaders their opinions on such topics in knowing they too were once underdogs, who no one believed in — only for them to emerge as the cream on the top!

“Had I told people I would choose a star such as Travis Scott to ambassador such brand names as Mc Donald’s and Sprite or Pepsi — people would have laughed me right out the door of their business, and yet today it is happening.” said Olivia Friedman, Host of the Great and Relentless Few Tv Show and Podcast.

We know all too well the struggles she has endured and yet she remains resilient. After asking her opinion of this whole $100M Travis Scott intends to rake in by year’s end we went on the hunt after she pitched the story to us. Here’s what we found, courtesy of ;

Travis Scott McDonald’s — McDonald’s has a new celebrity-backed meal on the menu available beginning Tuesday, thanks to a collaboration with rapper Travis Scott. The $6 meal includes a quarter pounder with cheese with Travis’ go-to toppings, a medium order of french fries with barbeque dipping sauce, and a Sprite.”

That’s when we all pulled out our phones. No, not to congratulate Mc Donald’s or Scott Travis, instead we went right for the calculator app to play with the numbers a bit — and that’s when it hit us! That’s a lot of dough at the end of the day! Way to go golden arches, way to go Travis Scott!

Check this out, courtesy of Travis Scott’s Twitter post


If you’re not familiar with just how famous this meal is, check out those numbers 47K with 265.9K loves!


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— JP Blakeley, Accidental Blogger



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