“How We’re Changing The Way People Think About Business and Tech Culture by Injecting Mind & Spirit — Key Elements of Ultimate Success.”

MMT Movement Symbol: Lady of “Business” Virtue by Olivia Friedman | Mind, Spirit, Business

Theodore Roosevelt — ‘The greatest gift life has to offer is the opportunity to work hard at work worth doing.’

Olivia Grace Friedman, Forbes Councils Member| Founder of MMT | Mind — Spirit — Business

Call it divine intervention — with a focus on responsible capitalism and business ethics in the spirit of entrepreneurship and no longer learning within their respective industries and business niches strictly through trial and error and instead — learning by cosmic means as well as from the mistakes of countless successful business leaders of entrepreneurs past. Olivia’s view stands on radically changing the way we think about technology and business.

Olivia is also quite cleverly setting the stage for overriding and challenging Gladwell’s 10,000 hour theory in her forthcoming book called; “Divine Gifts Theory” available to the public in September of 2021. Her growing concern over business ethics in an age where money and materialism seem to have held the world hostage just before Covid-19 hit — where she believes Covid-19 was the result of spiritual-warfare on the very psyche of hu-man-kind — for being too far our of balance with the natural laws of the universe.

Olivia says she envisions, “Fortune 500 companies allowing official breaks in the name of mindfulness which could be to meditate, grab a drink, or a piece of fruit to eat underneath a tree which she sarcastically calls a, “Newtonian break.” Or simply a break where one dons earbuds to listen to some nice relaxing music.” Olivia is convinced that with the mental health crisis that is inevitable in light of all the despair caused as a result of Covid-19 having rocked the world and everyone in it — it will soon be common-place to walk into a major corporation and see a meditation or relaxation room. As a former United States Navy Hospital Corpsman, she seems to be convinced that insurance companies will soon be the first on board to offer this as an incentive, to those with their insurance providers and plans. Such placements will all the more improve the state of one’s overall health — despite the stress business and entrepreneurship may cause.

That being the case in her mind as a highly spiritual being herself — she felt it a duty to birth a movement that would begin the process of healing for all of humanity — since she predicts Covid-19 is on its way out but not before making a nasty scene before making its exit!

While also being the avid business leader she is known as, she chose to go straight to the core of what she knows — the business and tech industry since she’s not a leader in finance. But she didn’t stop there while recruiting, coalition-building and gaining the intrigue of other tech and business leaders, given she also wanted to symbolize her long-term efforts earlier on for the sake of memorializing all that went into the creation of the MMT movement. That’s is how she birthed forth the image at the top of this page as well as just below — the “Lady of Business Virtue”. Thus symbolizing mind, spirit, and business as one.

MMT Movement Symbol: Lady of “Business” Virtue by Olivia Friedman | Mind, Spirit, Business

“Take up your torch.” — Olivia Friedman | Futurist and MMT Movement founder

“Alas, we give you, Lady of Business Virtue — a symbol of high ethics in business and technology.” — Olivia Friedman | Futurist and MMT Movement founder

The three torches representing the Mind, Spirit, and Business as one, or within one space or group — Olivia Friedman | Futurist and MMT Movement founder, Visionary, High Purpose Culture Motivator and Founder of the Mindful Meta-tech or MMT Movement — originally launched the movement.

Injecting mind and spirit into business and tech.” Her vision is gaining traction and is rattling the cage of the typical tech community with the concept of “On-Demand Digital Mentorship” for entrepreneurs. She says, “While it’s great to have e mentor or coach such as myself or one of the other great coaches out there — the concept of “On-Demand” is a no-brainer considering that entrepreneurs have access 24/7/365.

“Olivia and her groups are literally changing the business and tech culture — one Zoom meeting, conference, book, talk and podcast at a time.” — A. Moran of #FutureBuzzNews

Entrepreneurial motivation and learning in the form of spirituality? Olivia Friedman is changing business and technology culture one Zoom meeting at a time! She considers herself to be a spiritual technology and businesswoman, and is convinced that business and tech must now become more mindful, lest we fall into an even deeper level of demise as inhabitants of Earth resembling more so robots and driven beings to the point of massive burnout — which defeats the purpose. Terms she references in her movement include; Resonant Dissonance, Divergent Thinking, Metaphysics, Intentionality, Mindfulness, and Affluence of Wealth (flowing to you). She says mindfulness is seriously needed today with so many entrepreneurs being money-hungry — which is so far off the path toward ultimate success, as opposed to success that’s fleeting since everyone knows money and wealth come and go. She wants to transform entrepreneurs in order to re-shape the culture. Beginning with waves of possibilities through mindfulness, purpose, and intentional actions and intent as a side effect of entrepreneurship to achieve ultimate success.

Based upon the precepts of “Five-High-Metaphysics” high ethics in business and life — more specifically defined as — “Owning the highest level of integrity, morals, trustworthiness, and reliability.” The concept seems to also embody Aristotle’s Metaphysics not so much pertaining to business and technology per se, rather in general philosophical terms; “substance of something: essence, universal, genus, and subject.”

A philosophy Olivia seems to also subscribe to in her theory of the Universal Genius in business and entrepreneurship resting at the “Cradle of Creativity”, the Spirit of Entrepreneurship which still embodies mindfulness, spirit, and business only in this instance — symbolized as one, the Trinity if you will.

“Borg Angel — Blossoming” The Actual Spirit of Entrepreneurship by Olivia Friedman 1998 | Windows 95 (Original name | “Trin”
“Borg Angel — Blossoming” The Actual Spirit of Entrepreneurship by Olivia Friedman 1998 | Windows 95

Olivia Grace Friedman — ‘Because money & popularity are fleeting.’

Olivia “Grace” Friedman says her spiritual entrepreneur and technology movement which she refers to as simply “Reboot”, is intended to benefit all of mankind when it comes to business, entrepreneurship, and technology as a whole. Such a movement

“I’m intending this movement — metaphysical in nature to forever change the way we approach, and perceive entrepreneurship, business and technology to better assist business minds toward ultimate success.” — Olivia “Grace” Friedman, Businesswoman, Futurist, and Forbes Councils Member.

And while she believes in the wisdom gained through failure and lessons learned — she also believes failure is a bit overrated, and that we aren’t tapping the power of the internet nearly as well as we could. Olivia believes there are gems in the form of other people’s mistakes the next generation of entrepreneurs can benefit from, enabling them to fail less, learn faster, and to succeed with better accuracy — a concept she calls a “knowing”, confidence in business.”

She and her growing team of technology leaders call this technology movement, this massive undertaking that is bigger than her. And since there is no end to gaining wisdom as an entrepreneur— the,

“Wise Entrepreneur Database” — also known as WE-dB, is metaphysical in nature and is being called her “Magnum Opus, her life’s greatest work.” The movement in the tech community is often called — the Tech Spirit “Reboot.”

Rebooting the entrepreneurial spirit through Metaphysics.” Olivia went on to say, “Mindset, intention, and Spirit are a must for a better entrepreneurship and business culture overall.” — Olivia “Grace” Friedman

Wise Entrepreneur dBase — Part of the Mindfulness in Business Movement

By people joining in toward accomplishing this common goal , to create the Wise Entrepreneur dbase — gives us a different type of energy to drive us and to keep us driven, by enabling us to “awaken the entrepreneurial spirit to a better, more effective path to success as opposed to walking the path of materialism. It’s just not good and is not at all how the universe works to be granted sustainable success!” — Olivia “Grace” Friedman of Shoal Creek, AL

About Olivia “Grace” Friedman

(If you’d like to contribute to or become a part of this movement, visit;

Olivia “Grace” Friedman, CIO of the Year 2020 Candidate Chicago

Olivia “Grace” Friedman | Author, Year of the Woman 2020 and Beyond Kindle Edition

— Recent National Student Leadership Forum Nominated to speak with members of Congress how she plans to utilize her skills, gifts, talents and energy to serve humanity as a servant leader in business, technology, and spirituality.

— Futurist, Visionary, High Purpose Culture Motivator and Founder of the Mindful Meta-tech or MMT Movement. “Injecting mind and spirit into business and tech.” Her vision is gaining traction and is rattling the cage of the typical tech community. “She’s literally changing the business and tech culture one appearance, talk, university, meeting, TV show and podcast at a time.” — A. Moran of #FutureBuzzNews

— “A business consultant with a divine connection.” — J. Zaizay, Long-time business client

— “She held on to her dream of finishing her degree and did it. Now she’s holding on to her dream to change cultures and to do so with personal conviction while impacting the entire world.” — Local pastor or large church

— “She’s always been a big dreamer, but we also know she’s a big doer too.” — John P., Former United Nations affiliated leader and White House Presidential Special Appointee for three different sitting United States Presidents

— “We always knew she’d do something great, and I thought it would be some form of design. Then again, this may be just that technologically! “ — Bee P. of Malibu, CA, Former Super Model and wife of three time presidential White House appointee.

— Transforming entrepreneurs through mindfulness. Transforming cultures. Deputy Director of United Nations Affiliated Group

— Her Magnum Opus | Her Life’s Greatest Works “ — Tech Buzz Circles

— Strong commitment to her goals.” Brian Carter — Local artist | Sculptor

To Book Olivia, Contact her at; http://www.TrueSuccessCoaching.com or click the “clap” logo to like this article, and follow me and I will message her.

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