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As a leading marketing expert — I’ve learned that some entrepreneurs have it, some don’t, and others are dormant. Let’s go on a journey to find the real stars.
Olivia Friedman Leaves Law School to Save Local Business


Magnum Opus Marketing Atlanta, Georgia, February 17, 2020 — The recently departed Chief Information Officer of the Institute of Higher Global Studies, fully vetted and accepted as a member of Forbes’ Councils — Olivia Friedman says she’s seen enough with her local businesses closing left and right, and is following through on her promise and passionate heart-felt vow to lighten the load for local restaurants in Huntsville, Alabama and surrounding areas, through effective advertising and marketing.

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“It warms my heart so much — to hear success stories…

Olivia Friedman, IHGS CIO | Host of Great and Relentless Few TV Show | Author, Year of the Woman 2020 and Beyond | Photo by Maurice James

getty image | Original post found on Forbes as an ExpertPanel Article

In business, a CEO, CFO, COO or any C-suite role may consider the power of their inner circle or lack thereof. When forecasts and previously proven systems and processes no longer suffice, most days may seem uncertain, yet like diet and exercise, certain routines and life staples must remain intact for longevity in business. …

MMT Movement Symbol: Lady of “Business” Virtue by Olivia Friedman | Mind, Spirit, Business

Theodore Roosevelt — ‘The greatest gift life has to offer is the opportunity to work hard at work worth doing.’

Great and Relentless Few Show | Enter to Win FREE Appearance in 2021!

Travis Scott | Cactus Jack Was Here

It’s quite simple really, when you’re already an alum of 30 Under 30 with Forbes, then suddenly Forbes checks back and you’re on track to making $100M. We always ask one of our top business leaders their opinions on such topics in knowing they too were once underdogs, who no one believed in — only for them to emerge as the cream on the top!

“Had I told people I would choose a star such as Travis Scott to ambassador such brand names as Mc Donald’s and Sprite or Pepsi — people would have laughed me right out the door…

The My Best and Worse Day in Business Community welcomes voices from many different backgrounds, ages, races, and professions on our open platform. We publish pieces as written by outside contributors with a vast variety of opinions, which do not necessarily reflect that of our own opinion(s). Stories that become part of the community are not commissioned by our editorial team and must meet our specific guidelines prior to being published. This article is one of those that have been approved.

This article was posted by Christian Lords, a guest writer of Andrew Solomon’s, Space Enthusiast and Expert Blog Writer…

Simple Game or Test of the Far Stretches of the Human Mind’s Capacity for Intuitive Strategy?

Olivia Friedman is working on a metaphysical concept involving mindfulness toward the farthest stretches of the mind. She says,

“Imagine a ranking system where humans are right up there with AI and other systems like AlphaGo on intelligence with predictability aptitude that is out of this world? That being said, we night not continue to ignore mindfulness in business, tech, and strategy — especially since our spiritual state is always perfect and untainted, yet the expression of it may be following a dream no…

John Paul Blakeley

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